Research, studies and education 

  • Build it green: Oakland EcoBlock Project (OEB), the Energy and Resources Group’s research and innovation project in Oakland, California, building infrastructure, energy efficiency, solar-powered microgrid and smart controls, energy storage, water conservation, DKK 683,000
  • The Technical University of Denmark: Danish championship in Science Show 2017, a conference and a competition aiming at inspiring children and young people to get a scientific education as well as improving the communication ability of Danish science shows, DKK 10,500
  • Rambøll Danmark A/S: Gamification – the shortcut to the good building process, simulator training of residents and craftsmen in a realistic and recognizably 3D game universe, DKK 175,000
  • Ramboll Finland Oy: Prediction of road structure deterioration caused by external factors and using it in optimizing life-cycle costs, DKK 283,205
  • Rambøll Management Consulting A/S: Prize award for project proposal in connection with UNLEASH, DKK 100,000
  • Department of Civil Engineering, Technical University of Denmark: Improved methodology for CO2 based design of building ventilation, DKK 1,663,678
  • Ramboll Environ, Inc.: Clean Air Buildings: can Ramboll create healthier buildings?, DKK 457,600
  • C40 Climate Leadership Group Inc.: Measuring Progress in Urban Climate Change Adaptation, DKK 1,864,305
  • International Federation for Housing and Planning: IFHP Social Cities, DKK 700,000
  • Nordic City Network: Urban Enterprises and Urban Resources in a Nordic Perspective, DKK 260,000
  • Danish Building Research Institute, Aalborg University: Safety Evaluation of Brick Constructions during Renovation, DKK 300,0000
  • The University of Southern Denmark, Mads Clausen Institute: Rapid Prototyping and Fabrication Facilities, DKK 295,000
  • Rambøll Norge A/S: Ecological Service Design through the Urban Metabolism Concept, DKK 577,765
  • Rambøll Danmark A/S: Integration of Computational Fluid Dynamics Services in Offshore Wind, DKK 200,000
  • Rambøll Danmark A/S: Ramboll Cloud Based Big Data Storage and Analytics Platform, DKK 270,000
  • Rambøll Danmark A/S: PhD: Improved Reliability Design Methods for Offshore Wind Turbines, DKK 635,000

Support to non-profit organisations or charity 

  • Bogforlaget Frydenlund A/S: ‘Broerne i København’ – a book about the bridges in Copenhagen, new as well as old, above water as well as land, DKK 20,000
  • ActionAid UK: Promoting children’s right to education through disaster resilient school reconstruction in Nepal, a collaboration between ActionAid, Ramboll and Manohar Rajbhandari Associate that will rebuild classrooms in the Janaswea School of Katmandu district, providing over 850 students with a safe place to learn and receive education, DKK 250,000
  • Rambøll Danmark A/S: Improvement of toilet facilities for disabled children in St. Jude Orphanage in Gulu, Uganda, DKK 45,000
  • Association for a UN Live Museum: Museum for the United Nations, DKK 1,000,000
  • Red Cross: African Hunger Crisis, DKK 251,298
  • Engineers Without Borders, Denmark: Access to clean water for one poor rural community supported by formal academic education activities, community water supply system combined with technical capacity building and field involvement of teachers and students in Kenema District, Sierra Leone, DKK 495,000
  • SOS Børnebyerne, Denmark: Securing homes and health in SOS children’s village, Zanzibar, sewer and rain water renovation, DKK 457,691
  • Bridges to Prosperity: Building safe access for Caloveborita, DKK 278,576