1995: Holistic Accounting

In line with the company’s philosophy, Rambøll introduced a holistic approach to accounting during the 1990’s. This meant that Rambøll began to account for all of the values and assets in the company- not only money, as seen in a traditional economic balance sheet.  The holistic balance sheet includes statements of employee resources, client-specific results and societal results and thereby takes account of internal and external value creation.

Since 1991, the holistic concept has been formally implemented in the Rambøll business and is termed the “Ramboll Holistic Enterprise Model”.  In this way, Rambøll has a framework which reflects the holistic philosophy, and serves as a guideline for leadership, development, operation and reporting.

The company published its first Holistic Accounts in 1995 to give stakeholders a complete view of the company’s many intangible results and value creation. Since then, holistic reporting has been an integrated part of the Annual Report.

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