2003: Local partners – global knowledge


During the 1990s Ramboll had grown to become the fourth biggest player in the Danish consultancy market. But on the international market, things did not go as smooth: competitors were getting ahead and it was evident to Børge Rambøll and Johan Hannemann that the future market would require international knowledge and expertise.

Therefore, a strategy for internationalization was adopted by the board of directors in the late 1980s. In the 1990s it was decided to focus the strategy more specifically on expanding in the Nordic regions. The idea was to create a strong regional fundament before tapping into the more competitive international market.

At a syndicate on the Oresund link, Ramboll came in contact with the Swedish company Scandiaconsult AB: a big competitor with international expertise within the buildings and construction sector. Scandiaconsult shared Ramboll’s mission of ‘Nordification’ and there were great synergies between the two companies’ competencies and ethics.  Three years after the Oresund link opened in 2000, Ramboll acquired Scandiaconsult – a decision very much in line with the early Ramboll philosophy of “local partners – global knowledge”. With this acquisition, Ramboll at an instant became the biggest Nordic Consultancy within the engineering field with a total of more than 4000 employees.

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