2009: The sound of Ramboll

When you walk into Ramboll Head Office, you may ask yourself, “is that a Steinway piano in the foyer?” and the answer is: “Yes”. For more than 25 years, music from that same piano has played a cherished role in the culture of Ramboll.

In the late 1980’s, the size of the company was growing rapidly and the Ramboll Foundation had to find a way to still make the company feel like a family. First, the Foundation donated art to the different offices. Johan Hannemann had always been very fond of music and played the cello and so it was decided that the head office in Virum would receive a Steinway grand piano. When the musically interested employees walked by the piano, they were encouraged to sit down and play a tune.

Gradually, one of the company’s most valued traditions began to take form: singing together. The news of the grand piano soon spread to the other offices and the Aarhus office asked if they too could have one. Later on, the offices in both Odense and Aalborg received a piano.

Today, it has become a monthly tradition to assemble Ramboll employees around that the same old Steinway piano to sing. Singing together in the morning is an old Danish tradition that has its roots in the Højskolesangbogen – a collection of famous hymns and songs that have played a role in the Danish History.

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