2010: From Virum to HQ in Ørestad

Ramboll's Head office

The motive for moving Ramboll head office to Ørestad was partly to locate the office in proximity to the airport, the highway to Sweden, the metro and to be in the green capital Copenhagen. Another reason was that Ramboll played a large role in the master planning of the new sustainable neighbourhood Ørestad and by moving there, the HQ could be a living example of the sustainable building solutions.

The employees of Ramboll were an active part of planning the design of the new HQ and the architects did lengthy interviews with the management to understand and implement the culture into the design. One example is that the new head office is a transparent building, which enables an open dialogue both internally and externally – a value that is at the core of the Ramboll Philosophy.  Today, you can stand on the 7th floor and have a clear overview of the inside. Standing there, you can sense the buzz of all the more than 1,600 employees hard at work.

Another element of the building’s design is that it has great acoustics. It has always been an important value for Ramboll to gather the employees for social and cultural events. Today, the foyer is used for both external visitors and for internal events such as the monthly morning song, where the employees gather around our grand piano to sing.

The head office is located on Hannemanns Allé named after our founding father, Johan Hannemann. All the streets in the neighborhood Ørestad are named after famous engineers and architects. And so, although, the company was named after Børge Rambøll, Johan Hannemann got his own street.

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