2014: Entering the American market

In December 2014, Ramboll acquired the American environmental and health consultancy ENVIRON. The acquisition added more than 1,500 environmental and health science specialists in 21 countries to Ramboll’s portfolio, and further positioned Ramboll among the top 10 leading environmental consultancies globally.

The acquisition originated in a wish to expand Ramboll’s sustainable society platform to the American markets and strengthen  the company’s ability to provide holistic, one company solutions that meet the complex demands of tomorrow’s global mega trends such as climate changes, demographic changes and urbanization, resource scarcity and globalization. Especially Ramboll’s portfolio within Environment & Health, Water, and Planning & Urban Design was reinforced by the merger and a range of new potential synergies with the existing business units; Buildings, Transport, Energy, Oil & Gas, and Management Consulting was created.

By March 2016, the new synergies with ENVIRON had already generated more than 100 projects within areas such as sustainability strategy, water stewardship, ecosystem services, greenhouse  gas management, waste management, and worker health and safety.

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