2016: Our Legacy

In 2016, the Ramboll Foundation revisited the values of the company, which resulted in a publication of the name ‘Our Legacy’. The values in the publication reflect the beliefs and ideals of the founders of Ramboll, as stated in the ‘Ramboll Philosophy’, and the values they wished should continue to guide the company, when they relinquished ownership.

As a consequence, the contents should be understood as the basis upon which all Ramboll Fundamentals must build.

The Ramboll Foundation wishes to communicate Ramboll’s values – to serve as a source of inspiration and guidance for Ramboll employees and managers in all areas of business around the world.

As the owner of Ramboll, and acting through the company’s Board of Directors and managers – the Foundation strives to uphold and cultivate the values on which Ramboll was founded as a constant and recognizable part of our way of doing business.

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