The primary purpose of the Ramboll Foundation, through its co-ownership in Ramboll Group A/S, is to further the Group’s continuance and development in terms of finances and business activity.


The Foundation’s non business related purpose consists in decisions regarding the awarding of donations in accordance with the Charter and administration of the Foundation’s resources.


Key figures 2018 in DKK Thousand
The Foundation’s total assets DKK  2,604,601
The Foundation’s share of Ramboll Group Equity DKK  2,292,009
The Foundation’s holding of external shares and bonds represents DKK  304,207
Dividend recipient from the Ramboll Group DKK  48,894
Donations DKK  14,283


A considerable amount of the profits generated from the Ramboll Group form part of the capital resources that ensure the Ramboll Foundation can meet its commitments to employee shareholders, whenever they might wish to sell their shares to the Foundation.

The members of the Ramboll Foundation receive a salary which shall not exceed what is considered appropriate according to the nature of the task and the scope of work. Each member receives a salary of DKK 175,000. However the Deputy Chairman and Chairman receive a salary of DKK 350,000 and DKK 525,000 respectively.


The Ramboll Foundation’s annual reports are available for download under Publications.