List of PhD's



PhD titleYearRecipientGrant, DKK
Recycling of sewage sludge ash residue as cement in concrete2019Ramboll Denmark280,000
A novel node design using high strength steel for JACKet structures (HiJack)2019Ramboll Denmark440,000
Adaptive and Intelligent Robots and Embedded Systems (AIRES)2019Ramboll Norway761,156
Development of a more reliable method for calculating the Shear Capacity of Reinforced Concrete Beams2019University of Southern Denmark253.000
Testing material behaviour during extreme impacts2019Technical University of Denmark230,000
Quantification of duration and effect of sources of pesticides to the groundwater resource2019Ramboll Denmark306,000
Microeconometric modelling of behaviour in the energy sector2019Ramboll Management Consulting1,200,000
Biometrics of architecture2019Ramboll Norway637,500
Hygrothermal behaviour of highly insulated structures2019Ramboll Finland118,200
Development of Models for the Dynamic Analysis of Floating Bridges2019Ramboll UK845,000
Management of open innovation in the public sector2019Ramboll Norway425,000
Integrated numerical solution for US – and SLS-analysis of reinforced concrete structures2018Ramboll Denmark610.000
Determination of wind load on high rise buildings using CFD2018Ramboll Denmark300.000
Acoustic Virtual Reality in the building design2018Ramboll Denmark419.733
Liveability in the Built Environment2018Luleå University of Technology650,000
Composite Bridges – Innovative ways of achieving composite action2018Ramboll Denmark485.000
Explosion loads on glass in facades2018Ramboll Denmark567.628
Improved Reliability Design Methods for Offshore Wind Turbines2017Ramboll Denmark635.000
True digital twin based on structural health monitoring (SHM)2017Ramboll Denmark750.000
Aerodynamic Stability of Long-Span Bridges2016Ramboll Denmark662.448
Design of Steel Piles for Integral Abutment Bridges2015Luleå University of Technology265,000
Secondary Strain in Web Stiffeners in Steel and Composite Bridges2012Luleå University of Technology212,000