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The Ramboll Foundation is an independent Danish enterprise foundation with philanthropic obligations.

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Trustee Overview

The Ramboll Foundation is governed by a board of 12 members, of which four members are elected by the employees in accordance with applicable laws of Denmark.

The Ramboll Foundation Board

Members of the Ramboll Foundation board will work to ensure that the Ramboll Group A/S and its affiliated and associated companies behave in an ethical, responsible and socially-minded manner to earn the respect and trust of customers and business partners and to increase satisfaction amongst employees.

Members of the Ramboll Foundation Board

From Partnership to Foundation

In 1971 it was decided based on a proposal by Børge Rambøll that Rambøll & Hannemann was to become a limited liability company – owned by a foundation. The Charter states the purpose of the Ramboll Foundation. The Charter has undergone adjustments over the years. The current foundation charter was actually signed March 2018.

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Key Figures

Key figures give will give you and insight into the financial situation of the Ramboll Foundation.

Financial Assets

The primary purpose of the Ramboll Foundation, through its co-ownership in Ramboll Group A/S, is to further the Group’s continuance and development in terms of finances and business activity.

Key figures 2023 in DKK thousand

The Foundation's total assetsDKK 3,984,786
The Foundation's share of Ramboll Group equityDKK 3,292,976
The Foundation's holding of securitiesDKK 683,433
DonationsDKK 28,456,190

A considerable amount of the profits generated from the Ramboll Group form part of the capital resources that ensure the Ramboll Foundation can meet its commitments to employee shareholders, whenever they might wish to sell their shares to the Foundation.

Annual Reports

The Ramboll Foundation’s annual reports are available for download under Publications.

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  • Annual Reports

    The Ramboll Foundation Annual Report provides a detailed look at our financial performance, our commitment to supporting society, people and nature through our donations and our ambition for the future.

  • Current publications

    Featured publications

  • Historical documents

    These historical documents form the core of Ramboll and Our Legacy is based on them. Below you can browse these historical documents.

Foundation Advisory Forum

The Foundation Advisory Forum (FAF) is an engagement initiative launched by the Foundation. The forum consists of up to 50 appointed non-executive employees from Ramboll’s global country and market business units.

The Foundation sees the FAF as a sounding board for discussions about the Ramboll values, and how we can all find inspiration in Ramboll’s rich legacy. This will give the Foundation Board valuable insights from the diverse cultural backgrounds represented among the Ramboll employees. Furthermore, the FAF members will act as ambassadors for the Foundation and the Ramboll values in their day-to-day work in the company.

The main purpose of the Foundation is to be the best possible owner of Ramboll, and the Advisory Forum is a very important lever for connecting the owner with the employees, and to continuously live up to that purpose and promise.

FAF members at the FAF Seminar 2023 in RHO

Interviews and Portraits

  • Flemming Bligaard

    In June 2020, Flemming Bligaard Pedersen stepped down as chair of the Ramboll Foundation’s Board of Trustees after serving six years. Flemming Bligaard Pedersen’s career in Ramboll and the Ramboll Foundation spanned five decades.

    Read the portrait with Flemming
    Former Chair of Ramboll Foundation
  • Carsten Uttenhal

    As of April 2 2019, Carsten Uttenthal’s tenure as a Ramboll Foundation board member ended after 29 years in the Foundation. Carsten can look back at close to 46 years in Ramboll.

    Read the portrait with Carsten
    Former Board Member
  • Jens-Christian Schmidt

    Jens-Christian Schmidt’s tenure as Ramboll Foundation board member ended on April 4 after twenty years in the Foundation. First employed in Ramboll’s Aalborg office in 1970, Jens-Christian looks back fondly over nearly fifty years of involvement with the company.

    Read the portrait with Jens-Christian
    Former Board Member


The purpose of foundation governance is to support the management of commercial foundations and its work to safeguard the purpose and interests of the foundation.

The Ramboll Foundation follows the Recommendations on Foundation Governance by the Committee on Foundation Governance (godfondsledelse.dk/english).

Read how the Ramboll Foundation complies to the recommendations here:

Owners' Guidance

Read more on the Foundation’s overall Owners' Guidance

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